The spicy background of Charles and Diana’s baby: A while ago he was secretly with Camilla in Italy

The first part of the Koruna series received mixed reactions. The fans will not be overwhelmed by some of the characters, even the powerful Prince Charles, who is thinking about taking down the queen from the thorn, which is a completely intentional action line. Last but not least, there are questions about the kind of trip the Prince of Wales and his mistress Diana took to a yacht in Italy. They actually had a very hot and spicy smell that seril doesn’t remove.

The voyage took place in August 1991, and at first glance the Koruny filmmakers got it right. At the time, the newspapers really portrayed the vacation of Prince Charles and Diana as a kind of honeymoon, it was supposed to be a cruise along the Italian coast full of romance.

In the end, the reality was a little different. The baby shower became a mass event for the circle of the royal family and the bees, among others the prince’s cousin Lord Romsey arrived with his mistress Lady Penelope.

What exactly went on board, who was talking to whom or looking for what, is a mystery, here the Netflix filmmakers could come up with practically anything. In one case, however, they modified the reality separately.

According to them, Charles summoned a large group of men on board, which Diana is sure of. In fact, according to those sources from around the royal family, it was just the opposite. The Prince of Wales wanted a quiet vacation, but the lady wanted her sons William and Harry to have friends on board, with whom they could play.

Prince Charles with his family in pt srii Koruna

At the time, the press wrote about the cruise as a romantic flight that could spark a spark in the royal family’s marriage. It just didn’t happen. Around the same time, Diana made contact with the newspaper Andrew Morton and secretly sent him tapes, from which a book about the details of the bankrupt marriage was later taken. A year after the voyage, Manel officially announced his retirement.

To make matters worse, the cruise smelled hot and quite spicy. Charles took a vacation in Italy a few months ago, specifically in May 1991. He went to Tuscany alone, officially to relax and paint, but as it turned out, just ten minutes away from his hotel was Camilla Parker Bowles’s hostel. Coincidentally, she took a vacation on her own, leaving her husband Andrew in Britain.

Today we know how the love affair, which was a public secret between London’s trash for a long time, turned out. Two months ago, Camille was given the title of queen consort, which can be freely used as a queen consort.

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