The son of Dmitry Kharatyan is a copy of the star father

On November 10, a picture called “The Stars Will Show Me the Way” is released in cinemas, which tells about the fate of a father and daughter, who, as it seemed at first glance, had long lost touch with each other.

The film was first appreciated by star viewers – film artists and representatives of show business, among whom was the famous Russian actor Dmitry Kharatyan. At the premiere at the Illusion cinema, the actor came to the premiere not alone, but with his 24-year-old son Ivan, like two drops of water similar to his father. As noted by netizens, the young man took everything from his father: Kharatyan’s eyes, a shock of blond hair, exactly the same charming smile.

Dmitry Kharatyan
Photo: Russian World Vision film distribution company.

However, Ivan, unlike Dmitry Kharatyan, did not want to follow in the footsteps of his parent and become an actor in theater and cinema. The young man chose the profession of a director, he is studying at VGIK.

“The Stars Will Show Me the Way” is a beautiful motivating picture for the whole family about a journey towards a dream. In the center of the plot is the difficult relationship between the unlucky father and his ten-year-old daughter and their colorful journey from their native South to distant Moscow.

The film was presented at the premiere by a film crew: director and producer Philip Abryutin, producer Oksana Lakhno, actors Ivan Solovyov, Alena Chekhova, Elizaveta Bugulova and others.

Group of the film “Stars will show me the way”

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