“The sex of your son is a girl”: Olga Orlova is preparing for the birth of her daughter

The popular Russian TV presenter Olga Orlova pleased her fans with the news: the artist said that she would have a daughter.

The celebrity found out the sex of the child a few months ago, but until the last moment she kept this information a secret. Now Orlova decided to reveal the sex of the baby, doing it in a playful way: the singer told the users of the Network an old joke.

Olga Orlova
Photo: Olga Orlova social networks.

According to the plot of a humorous sketch, the man was sure that he would have a son, but then he received unexpected news.

When will I be told the gender of my son? The uziologist looks at him sternly and replies: “I inform you: the sex of your son is a girl,” Orlova joked.

Recall that Olga recently completed repairs in her country house and is now looking forward to when the whole family can move to a new nest.

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