The senators proposed to prescribe definitions of “family values”. “Paper”

Members of the Council of Federations proposed that the definitions of “traditional family values” and “actual educator” be included in the family code. About it reported edition of Vedomosti with reference to the text of the senators’ recommendations.

According to members of the Council of Federations, “traditional family values” can be considered “unions of a man and a woman based on marriage, kinship, property or adoption” and the relationship of parents with children. The latter should influence “the formation of the social experience necessary in adult life in a child,” follows from the text of the document.

The senators proposed that such relationships be considered hierarchical. At the same time, the power of parental authority should be “based on voluntary recognition and submission” on the part of children.

What you need to know. At the end of October, the State Duma in the first reading accepted bill to completely ban “LGBT propaganda”. It prohibits the dissemination of information about “non-traditional relationships.”

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