The secret of the old bambitka 2 and as big as Krakono: She revealed the secrets of the past!

The region of Bambitky will again be the most classic pleasure, which does not rely on visual effects, but on the story, love, tension and, of course, there will again be a series of beautiful songs, this time composed by Vclav Noid Brta. It should be just the same, compared to the first work, that pleasure for the film board, reisr Ivo Macharek revealed.

Pohdka will have a lot more right with new costumes, new relays in the castles of Jindichv Hradec and Mnek pod Brdy. And in addition, we enriched pbh with dal characters, added to the county The secret of the old baby girl.

In the second according to the new flashes i Veronika Khek Kubaovwho, as you can see, freely swam from the princesses to the queens category. I fondly remember riding horses, because we got along great and the horse listened to me. It was a good thing that he was a little lonely, so it was easier, not if he had his head, the actress smiled at the press conference of esk television in Prague’s Klementin Chapel of Mirrors.

I will never forget the meeting with Ondra Vetch and the beautiful location. I love toit in the air she added that she thought so of the fact that she got to places where she was not allowed to enter a castle or a castle.

Veronika Khek Kubaov and Ondej Vetch in the movie Tajemstv star bambitky 2

On the first holiday last year, there was even a television set for girls Krakono’s Secret. The role of pna hor tentacles David Vehlekwho searched in vain for words on the press.

Frantika Peterka’s Krakono cannot be fooled. He just looked at him with admiration. There will be such a rush even at the meeting, like the small Krkonoše meetings, he let himself be heard.

David vehlk, Ondej Sokol, Jan Nedbal and Leona Sklenikov played in the story Krakono’s secret.

N Krakono is completely different, I hope that makes it wildly inquisitive and engaging. In pbhu, we return to the original idea about this character born from legends. So I can swear I’m surprised, added the wildly stupid actor.

In addition to him, Jan Nedbal, Leona Sklenikov, Ondej Sokol and Jakub Pracha also shine in the news. The role was not dissimilar to that, only he played his grandfather Ilja Prach in the Krkonose stories, who unforgettably portrayed the greedy Trautenberg.

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