The secret of the actors’ wedding of Vaculkov and Krause: Strc Luk was the main mover of the release, rka recognized

With a nice actress rka Krausová with Expres sat in the theater hall before the renewed premiere of his one woman show. She was cheerful, smiling and it looked like she didn’t even suffer from stiffness. Or is he lying to the ground?

I have a problem, but I know that I communicate quite well with girls in this situation. It’s a light cabaret form, there’s a bit of dancing and singing. As the piano is also there, I feel a little lost. During the first ten minutes, I feel that the audience and we are on the same page, said the former star of the Ulice series.

The reason for this was that she had to issue documents after the wedding, as she took Manel’s name and Vaculkov became Krausov. Why did she decide to change, when the actresses don’t keep their names, the fans know them under it?

They will probably mistake me for Jana Krausová. It’s not entirely appropriate that my husband’s name is Kraus, but I like it so much when a woman takes her husband’s name, and when as a family you have the same name as their children, so I decided that I want to be named as mj manel But if the hunter took it from the point of view of the profession, it is a complication, she asked.

On that day, Kraus had to support the model at the renewed premiere of the play Milena with a problem at the Metro Theater.

On their big day with Ondra Kraus fondly remembered and did not find a single flaw in their merrymaking. I guess it’s because they said they wouldn’t care how anyone had fun and would only celebrate their love.

Lunch was at two, so we said ten minutes before that it was a day and we didn’t have anyone else, we were just celebrating the fact that we were angry. J floated on a cloud all day, and so did Ondra, and it was very nice, the actress dreamed.

Novomanel rka Vaculkov and Ondej Kraus only from tstm.

She admitted that, apart from his father, his uncle was the main driver of the liberation Luk Vaculk, who otherwise looks timid and innocent. According to the saying, in private there is another full, not in society.

Don’t giggle in private. In our family, whenever we get together, my dad and uncle are the main entertainers. The two of them were the biggest joke. When they could go together with the vagrant Martin to the wedding, the freedom was taken care of, she added with a laugh.

Luk Vaculk in the Ochrnce series

But her father was never the one who looked for her when she was young.

He never looked for me much, but he was always there when I needed help or advice. And he always acted like such a fun guy at all the celebrations. And a kind of spiel from mom, concluded Mr. Krausov.

But why wouldn’t she like to play with her famous cousin?

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