the second “wave” of mobilization will begin after the autumn draft. “Paper”

A new “wave” of mobilization may begin in winter. About this publication “Layout” told sources in government and business.

How the authorities are preparing for the second “wave”. As the authors of Nestka noted, indirect signs also indicate the plans of the authorities to call Russians to the front:

  • The Moscow City Hall did not disband the team of specialists who helped the military enlistment offices deal with cases of illegal conscription – they were ordered to “rest until the New Year” and return to work.
  • Earlier, the government decided to connect the military registration and enlistment offices to the databases of the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of Russia, GAS “Vybory” and registry offices. A source close to the Kremlin told Nestka that the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers is connected with plans to continue calling on Russians.
  • The employees of the commissariats were also instructed to correct the mistakes they made during the “partial mobilization”.
  • Sources of the publication, close to the presidential administration, added that they decided to use the period before the New Year for “emotional relief of the population.”

According to Nestka, employees of the Moscow structure of the Ministry of Energy were told about the new stage of mobilization – men who are entitled to a reservation from mobilization were forced to bring military tickets to the personnel department. A similar situation occurred in the Moscow and St. Petersburg offices of Gazprom.

How will the authorities explain the new “wave”. In a conversation with journalists, political scientist Konstantin Kalachev said that “situational law works” in Russia. Despite the end of the “mobilization”, the authorities can say that the situation has changed, which requires additional mobilization.

In addition, an unknown member of the Federation Council told Nestka that for a new stage of mobilization, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not have to issue a new decree – a corresponding document from the Ministry of Defense will be enough. According to the interlocutors of the publication, the mobilization may continue after the end of the autumn conscription – December 31.

A source from Nestka, close to the Council of Federations, also noted that the statement about the end of mobilization measures has no legal force (more on this wrote head of the human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov).

What you need to know. Formerly Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov declaredthat the President will not sign the order to end the “partial mobilization”: “The President said that he would consult with lawyers, legal experts. We inform you that the decree is not needed.

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