The sad loss of the award for Zagorová: Zeman applied for a postponement until a better time, but it did not happen

The list of honored personalities during the last eighty-eighth year under the direction of Milo Zeman Castle is a secret until the last moment. However, a few names leaked to the public, including Hana Zagorov. How is it that the legendary president did not ride the broom during the past two presidential terms, but two months after his death? He wanted to, but Zagorka herself applied for a postponement.

On the other hand, Milo Zeman had his favorite joke a few years ago, specifically in 2019. At that time, Jene Hana Zagorov asked him to postpone the award.

As Dve was informed by Aha!, she had a very interesting reason for this. On that day, it was the year of the infamous speech of the communist sexologist Milo Jake on the red neck.

Hana, as a signatory of the Anticharta, was afraid that the people would start to point to it and associate it with her. So Milo Zeman complied.

Their agreement at the time was supposed to mean that the president would wait for a suitable time, for example for some of his jubilee. Zagorov couldn’t get enough of that.

The following year, the covid-19 pandemic struck. And as the fans of the legendary singers of the time know, she became infected with them more than a month before another twenty-eighth year. The disease eventually became fatal.

tefan Margita spends the last time with her beloved Hanka.

She sent the punch to the not-so-full-of-steel health of Hana Zagorov. She never recovered from the following health problems. Doctors diagnosed him with post-covid syndrome, the condition kept getting worse and worse, and finally he died.

It’s true, Hanka then filed for a postponement of the act, Tefan Margita confirmed for Aha!

In the end, the award-winning in memoriam for his late wife won’t even include an iconic opera song. Current full-time job duties in America.

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