The Russian Orthodox Church wants to get the RANEPA building, where 2,000 students study. “Paper”

The Exaltation of the Cross Cossack Cathedral demanded that the RANEPA building near Ligovsky Prospekt be handed over to it free of charge, a corresponding statement on Thursday, October 27, published committee of property relations of St. Petersburg. About 2 thousand students of the Faculty of Social Technologies study in the building, learned “Paper”.

Details. The cathedral demands that house No. 6/10 on Chernyakhovsky Street be given to him. Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church refer to the federal law “On the Transfer to Religious Organizations of Property for Religious Purposes in State or Municipal Ownership.”

– Almshouse building [где находится корпус РАНХиГС] was erected on the land of the Exaltation of the Cross Church in 1898-1899 as the Alexander-Mariinsky House of Charity for the provincial and orphaned clergy of the St. Petersburg diocese. On the fourth floor of the almshouse, in 1900, a church was consecrated in the name of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Archpriest Vladimir Sergienko explains in a statement.

House number 6/10 on Chernyakhovsky Street, which wants to get the ROC. There is an active building of the RANEPA. A photo: spb.hipdir

Problem. Talk that the building would be handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church has been going on for a long time, says “Paper” student of the Faculty of Social Technologies Kristina Tikhomirova. “It was a big surprise for me that they decided to arrange the transfer of the building in the middle of the semester, before the holidays,” she notes. According to Tikhomirova, it was previously discussed that RANEPA students would move out of the building at least a year later so as not to stop studying. By this time, they promised to prepare a spare building of the NWIMU RANEPA, the student emphasizes.

What’s next. At the moment, RANEPA does not have a building where students can study, said “Paper” Kristina Tikhomirova with reference to “information from the administration of the academy”, that is, RANEPA.

Students of the Faculty of Social Technologies collect signatures under an appeal to Patriarch Kirill (the appeal is at the disposal of “Paper”)however, there are no guarantees that this will help finish the semester in the building on Chernyakhovsky Street.

“Paper” sent a request to the press service of the St. Petersburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, but at the time of publication did not receive a response.

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