The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the “prevention of nuclear war.” “Paper”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement according to which Russia “hypothetically” could use nuclear weapons in defense.

What else did the representatives of the Foreign Ministry say?

  • Russia, as a nuclear power, “bears a special responsibility in matters of strengthening international security and strategic stability.”
  • “Russia is strictly and consistently guided by the postulate of the inadmissibility of nuclear war,” the statement says. As noted by representatives of the ministry, there can be no winners in such a conflict.
  • The Russian authorities may use nuclear weapons in response to the use of weapons of mass destruction or conventional weapons that threaten “the very existence of the state.”

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on other countries “nuclear fives” “refuse dangerous attempts to infringe on the vital interests of each other.” As follows from the agency’s statement, the nuclear powers encourage “provocations with weapons of mass destruction, which can lead to catastrophic consequences.”

What you need to know. In October, the Ministry of Defense reported that Ukraine is allegedly preparing a “provocation” with the use of radiological weapons. How should According to the agency’s briefing, the Ukrainian authorities were going to detonate a “dirty bomb” and “expose the Russian Federation as a nuclear terrorist”, thereby undermining “trust in Moscow.”

According to the Ministry of Defense, the UK secretly transferred technology to Ukraine to create nuclear weapons. Later, representatives of the United Kingdom, together with France and the United States, issued a joint statement stating that they did not believe the information of the Russian Ministry of Defense about a possible “provocation” from Ukraine.

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