The reserve fund of St. Petersburg was spent on the war in Ukraine. “Paper”

The funds of the Reserve Fund of St. Petersburg, which amounted to 27.5 billion rubles, were spent on the “special operation”. About it informed “Rotonde” deputy of the Sachs Boris Vishnevsky with reference to the chairman of the Finance Committee Svetlana Enilina.

Politician detail told about the situation in his text for Novaya Gazeta. There Vishnevsky writes that he learned about these expenses when the authorities proposed to increase the fund by 5.7 billion rubles. The deputy said that he sent a request to the governor to find out what the money was spent on. He received an answer from the vice-governor of the city, Alexei Korabelnikov, that the budget “faces challenges related to the conduct of a special military operation,” is transmitted in the material.

Earlier, the governor also made a proposal to add 15 billion rubles to the fund, the deputy writes. When asked what expenses the additional amount sent to the fund would cover, Vishnevsky could not get a specific answer. On November 2, this amendment was adopted in the second reading, and the Reserve Fund reached 48.2 billion rubles.

As it became known to the deputy, funds from the Reserve Fund are directed to the restoration of Mariupol, payments to volunteers of the personalized battalions “Neva”, “Kronstadt” and “Pavlovsk”, as well as to purchase equipment and equipment for the mobilized, is transmitted in the material.

In addition, Vishnevsky writes that on November 2, the governor proposed to increase the Reserve Fund by another 20 billion rubles in 2023. “There is no doubt that this amendment will be adopted. This is how the city budget is turned into a “communicating vessel” to finance a special operation,” the politician wrote.

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