The red-haired girl from Dobry first confessed: Experiments in sex can end a relationship, said Halouzkov

Sexy redhead Natlie Halouzkov (21) is a real sweetheart. The general rule is that the more things can be done at work, the more I am allowed to do. But don’t throw a flint in the air once you meet Mr. Bosk. What prerequisites should the future boy have? Why would she never get into a polyamorous relationship?

Hvzdu seril Zoo and Dobr at first Natalia Halouzkov we met at the premiere of the film Hranice lsky, just to discuss where and where partners can go in a relationship, or whether it is a polyamorous relationship at all.

The actress herself admitted that she is a traditional type of woman who would like to have love with only one man, not to go to them in private.

Something else suits cadmium and it is an individual matter. I know that there are also times that suit me. For me, it would probably depend on the specific situation, it is a matter of agreement between the partners. I can’t answer that myself, Krisna Natlie spoke for Expres.

But on the other hand, think that if it was about experiments in bed, it would end the relationship.

Natlie Halouzkov at the premiere of the film Hranice lsky in Lucerne

I think this will revive the relationship, so give it to people. I think a lot of prms work like this. I feel bad for those people, but I know it will help me, added the actress.

Natlie is without a partner, but she is definitely not sad. Enjoy the freedom and work that mm long vc. What should love have for him in the future?

Krsna Natlie is the star of the series Zoo i Dobr first on Prim.

In the first place, he should have a brain. First and foremost, we should understand each other, we should laugh together. And the energies should work between them, added the sexy redhead.

Her star is on the rise, you know how to choose a man who contacts the actress through social media.

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