The premiere of Borders of Love in Lucerne: ermk and Hofmann missed, did they give Wagner’s koem?

Are there boundaries of closeness and boundaries of loyalty between partners that cannot be crossed? Just ask the creators of the new film Hranice lsky, which has been in production since the 1980s and is first entering cinemas. The main star Hana Vagnerov (39) was drinking with a bee at the ceremonial premiere in Lucerne, but she saw her film partners in vain. Shortly before the arrest, neither Hynek Ermek (49) nor Martin Hofmann (44) could be seen in the cinema.

Director Tomasz Wiski was one of the first to arrive at the ceremonial premiere of Hranice lsky in Lucerna. The stars of the film drank in advance Antonia Formanov , followed by Elizaveta Maximov. Beta Kaokov was also present. Not even the main protagonist Hana Vagnerovwho was accompanied by a female bird, did not let her wait for long.

On the other hand, his colleagues and partners, for example Hynek Ermek or Martin Hofmann, were not seen in the cinema. Do not hope that they will join the delegation in the course of the evening or they will have a good reason to be unhappy.

Veer, which was taken over by Linda Bartoov, was not missed either by Jitka Schneiderov with her partner or the star of the series Natlia Halouzkov.

Even when the darkness of love relationships, which the news is quite distant and for some may be scandalous, it is not a day of cheap fights with elements of porn. What exactly is it about?

middle couple Petr (Maty eznek) and Hana (Hana Vagnerov) decide to open up their relationship and talk about their lives with other partners. Each in his own way began to explore the boundaries of intimacy, to search for more intense feelings.

I will then review the experience at home and use it on my mobile phone. Gradually, however, the experiment with freedom begins to rear its head, and their relationship finds itself in jeopardy.

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