The police staged “raids” on unconvicted participants in the rallies. “Paper”

In St. Petersburg, law enforcement officers are looking for those who were detained at the rallies on September 21 and 24, but did not go to court for various reasons, said “Paper” human rights activist Dinar Idrisov.

According to Idrisov, criminal investigators are looking for detained Petersburgers at their work and home addresses, detain them, take them to the police department, where they draw up a protocol and forcibly escort them to the courts.

Idrisov writes that the detainees are fingerprinted, questioned, and warned about the inadmissibility of extremist activity. The human rights activist specified that three such cases are currently known.

Dinar Idrisov recommends that the detainees answer the police that they did not receive notice from the court, and also not respond to summonses with threats of arrest.

Big Picture. Earlier, due to detention at a rally against mobilization, fired Denis Skopin, philosopher and lecturer at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg State University.

After the announcement of “partial mobilization” in St. Petersburg, two major street actions took place. On the second, on September 24, the security forces severely detained the protesters. “Paper” published photo essay.

Photo: Dinar Idirsov

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Photo: “Paper”

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