The police detained a suspect in the case of a fire in a Kostroma cafe. “Paper”

The police detained 23-year-old military Stanislav Ionkin, who fought in Ukraine. He is suspected of setting fire to the Kostroma cafe “Polygon”. About it informed Baza telegram channel. Earlier on the arrest of the suspect wrote in TASS.

What did Baza learn. At the end of August, Ionkin came under fire along with his colleagues, with whom he was carrying ammunition. The soldier received a concussion and broke his leg. Later he was sent to a hospital in the Astrakhan region, from where he left for the Kostroma region and was on sick leave for a long time. The man went to a medical examination in a military unit in early November.

What other publications write. The authors of the publication “Layouts” contacted with his wife Ionkina. In a conversation with journalists, she advised to contact the military unit. She recommended asking local employees “why the shell-shocked soldier ended up” in the unit and why the man was outside the building.

Nestka journalists noted that in July Ionkin’s wife published photograph of her husband in a war zone. She also wrote that in May he was sent to “defend the homeland from Bandera’s evil spirits.” According to the girl, her husband fought in the self-proclaimed LPR.

The information that Ionkin served in Ukraine is also confirmed by photographs from the page of Evgenia Ionkina in VK. In July she published a photograph of her husband in military uniform in the combat zone, indicating that in May he was sent to “defend the homeland from Bandera evil spirits». According to her, Stanislav Ionkin fought in the Luhansk region.

Ionkin’s mother confirmed telegram channel Shot that her son was detained.

What you need to know. On the night of November 5 at the cafe “Polygon” in Kostroma happened fire. The Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed the death of 13 people. Law enforcement officials suggest that the illegal use of pyrotechnics could be the cause of the fire.

TASS confirmed that before the fire, visitors to the Polygon staged a mass brawl, during which the potential culprit (presumably, it turned out to be the detained Ionkin) of the incident used pyrotechnics.

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