The Petersburger died after being detained by the police. “Paper”

On Sunday morning, October 16, 29-year-old Vladislav Shushmintsev was detained by the police. After that, an ambulance was called to the Petersburger. He died a day later in hospital due to a severe head injury. About it “Paper” told “Team Against Torture”, to which the wife of Vladislav Maria Shushmintseva turned.

Vladislav Shushmintsev with his family. Photo: Maria Shushmintseva’s VKontakte page

How was the arrest? Early in the morning Vladislav Shushmintsev tried to get home in the Vyborgsky district through the visor of the entrance, as he did not have the keys. His mother, frightened for her son, called the emergency services. The first to arrive were the police, who detained him for an hour and a half, they said. “Paper” in Team Against Torture.

On the recording from the surveillance camera of the entrance, which Maria Shushmintseva provided to the “Team Against Torture” and which was at the disposal of “Paper”you can see how the security forces are pushing the man with their feet, knocking him to the ground through a metal fence and not letting him get up.

What is known about the violence against the detainee. According to some eyewitnesses, whose words are quoted by the “Team Against Torture”, the detention took place without the use of force against Shushmintsev.

At the same time, one of the witnesses told the lawyers that he saw how the policeman stood up with his feet on Vladislav. Another witness, N., claims that he saw a Petersburger calling for help while he was “wrapped with tape with ropes and belts.”

– He said that he saw how his spouse was handcuffed, tied to a fence on the playground, wrapped with tape, ropes and belts. The police officer said that Vlad had bitten him, and he needed tape. Vladislav shouted all the time, called for help, – the wife of the deceased conveys the words of N.

How did the ambulance work? During the arrest, an ambulance arrived. But the doctors took Vladislav to the car only a few minutes later, the Team Against Torture found out. After Shushmintsev was in the ambulance, the car did not leave for about 20 minutes, human rights activists say.

According to Vladislav’s wife, he was brought to the Elizabethan Hospital in a state of clinical death with a severe head injury and a broken nose, the doctors put him in an artificial coma. On October 17, Shushmintsev died. According to the Team Against Torture, the cause of death was traumatic cerebral edema and hemorrhage.

What do Vladislav’s relatives and lawyers say. Shushmintsev’s wife Maria could not tell her daughter about her father’s death. “My daughter still doesn’t know that he died, I can’t tell her about it, I don’t know how. I said that dad left for a long time in another country to work, there is no connection with him, ”the Team Against Torture reports her words.

Maria Shushmintseva filed a complaint about the crime with the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Vyborgsky District and turned to the lawyers of the Team Against Torture for legal assistance.

“We are looking for more witnesses and trying to understand what happened in the ambulance. From the presented record, it can be seen that the SMP car “shakes” for several minutes, but what is happening there is not clear. It is also not clear why Shushmintsev was not immediately taken to the hospital, why and by whom the ambulance was called,” said Yulia Fedotova, lawyer for the Team Against Torture.

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