The mystery of the suicide from Strakovka: Let’s arrange his movement! But we don’t know who it was, the sad denial of the government

The fact that an unknown senior lost his life before the government’s death is the only official news from the rescue units. The motive is unknown, but not yet confirmed.

Pesto, the suicide bomber, instantly became an idol of the government’s dissident and an activist in league with Ladislav Vrabel, recently known for leading anti-government demonstrations.

We were really five, today we were one hundred and fifty and it would be nice if we were five hundred yesterday, five thousand on Thursday and a lot on the weekend. Let the hunter do it for him, Vrabel specifically wrote on Facebook.

The people around him are now mobilizing first at the seat of government and want to light candles there every evening for the man who committed suicide.

On Tuesday evening, several dozen candles were planted on the bridge. And on top of that, write that he is a suicide the first victim of this protective pticoalice and preferred to give up his life rather than live in it.

Vrabel let himself be heard that suicide can be a great message and that you have to fight for freedom more fiercely.

The government officials even began to agree that the man who committed suicide in front of the Strakova Academy would be well advised to arrange a movement. And what a wonderful act of resistance it would be if the press of the people arrived at it.

But it sucks. So far, no one, not even the activists who idealized him as the new Palach, knows who he was.

That would be great and of course we would love it. First we have to somehow find out who Mr. was. Without it, it is impossible to grasp the movement, lamented the woman who used to light the candles before Adam on Mondays and Tuesdays.

He committed suicide before his death.

According to temporary speculations, the suicide could be a notorious protester who has gone around the government with a megaphone and a banner every Monday since the Polish elections. A security guard told CNN Prima News that he had not received any answers as of Monday evening.

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