The mysterious details of the death of Lyudmila Zykina’s niece surfaced

The niece of the Soviet and Russian singer Lyudmila Zykina Ekaterina Zykina died under strange circumstances.

Ludmila Zykina
Photo: Lyudmila Zykina social networks.

The woman lived in poverty and sued for the precious earrings of a relative, worth almost 90 million rubles.

Despite the tragedy, Catherine’s friends and relatives kept secret information about the death of the niece of a Russian pop star.

Even Catherine’s closest friend was not too verbose, saying only that she was shocked by the unexpected news.

“I myself am shocked by this news …”, – commented a friend of Zykina.

Fame came to the woman after her appearance on a popular talk show, where she stated that her brother refuses to share the inheritance.

Now the details of Catherine’s death are being clarified, but netizens suspect that one of the reasons could be the struggle for the legendary jewelry of Lyudmila Zykina.

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