The mother of Alexander Revva shared the details of the quarrel with her son

Some time ago, information appeared on the Web about the conflict between “fathers and children” in the artist’s family. Revva’s mother, Lyubov Racheeva, said that the famous son did not want to talk to her on the phone and did not invite her to performances.

However, it later turned out that the woman herself could not come to one of Alexander’s September concerts in Sochi. Recently, Racheeva started producing a young talented singer Yerzhan Nurgaliyev. The day of the artist’s performance coincided with the day of the son’s concert, and the producer-mother made a choice in favor of her work.

Alexander Revva himself reacted emotionally to the situation.

“He wrote: “Then let Yerzhan help you.” Jealous, very jealous, admitted Lyubov Nikolaevna.

The artist himself does not comment on the statements of the mother. According to the latest data, he is now in Dubai, where a festival for wealthy Russians is being held.

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