The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation approved the number of days off in January 2023

In the very near future, the Russians will celebrate the New Year. We tell you how many days you can relax during the holiday period.

The Russian Ministry of Labor has agreed on a calendar of days off and holidays for 2023, according to which nine days will be extended for the New Year holidays. December 31, 2022 – declared a day off, Russians will also have a rest from January 1 to January 8, 2023. Thus, in January of the coming year there will be 17 working days and 14 days off.

Since December 31 falls on Saturday, it is possible that the working Friday before it will be held in an abbreviated mode. January 1st and 8th fall on a Sunday. This weekend will be moved to February 24 (Friday) and May 8 (Monday).

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