The Ministry of Education will take full control of the examination of textbooks. “Paper”

The department has prepared documents that will define the rules for checking school textbooks and manuals that apply for inclusion in the federal list. The whole process will be closed to the Ministry of Education. About this with reference to sources report “Vedomosti”.

Who and how will check textbooks. The examination will be carried out by the scientific and methodological council. It should include representatives of federal and regional public authorities, as well as interregional public and non-profit organizations.

The council will check the textbook for up to 30 days, and then submit it for state examination. According to the interlocutors of Vedomosti, we are talking about the Russian Academy of Education.

Previously, at least four experts were required for verification, but now it will be necessary to involve three people, as well as two expert organizations to conduct “pedagogical and scientific examinations.”

What do the experts check? The Scientific and Methodological Council will check how the Russian border is marked in the textbook, whether the manuals form a disrespectful attitude towards the authorities, whether the textbook contains “LGBT propaganda” and false information about the Great Patriotic War.

In addition, the textbook should not contain incitement to suicide, the use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, gambling, vagrancy and prostitution.

What does it mean. The innovation will create an additional barrier to getting the textbook on the list and lengthen the entire evaluation procedure, the words of Alexander Asmolov, head of the Department of Personality Psychology at Moscow State University, are reported by Vedomosti.

“It is about not allowing unpopular educational concepts into schools, which, according to experts, have not been proven to be effective in teaching. These are powerful content filters that will be difficult to pass through, ”quotes Irina Abankina, professor at the HSE Institute of Education.

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