The Ministry of Defense explained how payments will be transferred. “Paper”

In the press service of the department toldhow much should be paid to conscripts, how and when the money will go to the account of the mobilized and who can use it.

“Paper” collected the essentials.

🟢 The minimum amount that the mobilized will receive is 195 thousand rubles.

🟢 The amount of the minimum amount that the mobilized will receive depends on the military rank and position. The salary of the called-up platoon commander will be 225,000 rubles, and that of a battalion — 243,000 rubles.

🟢 Conscripts and mobilized people who have signed a contract for at least one year will receive a lump sum payment of 195 thousand rubles. Payment will be made after the conclusion of the contract.

🟢 The salaries of those mobilized are credited to bank cards from the 10th to the 20th day of each month.

🟢 In November, salaries will be transferred ahead of schedule – from the 8th.

🟢 At the request of a mobilized or contract soldier, money can be transferred to his relatives. To do this, you need to issue a power of attorney or an additional bank card linked to the account.

🟢 The social payment included in the salary of the mobilized person in the amount of 158 thousand rubles will not be subject to income tax of 13%. The rest will be subject to tax.

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