The military registration and enlistment office sent a summons to the missing conscript. “Paper”

The military registration and enlistment office in St. Petersburg sent a summons to a conscript who went missing after the sinking of the cruiser Moskva, writes “Fontanka” with reference to the mother of an unnamed military man.

Details. The publication reports that at the end of October the military enlistment office of the Frunzensky district sent a summons to the missing sailor demanding to appear at the military registration and enlistment office to clarify the data. Fontanka claims that the conscript served as a ship’s cook on the cruiser Moskva. He was called up at the end of December 2021, since April 8 he has not been in contact and is legally considered missing.

The publication notes that the demand of the military registration and enlistment office is illegal, since the young man’s military service today lasts less than a year.

Why is it important. The authorities announced the end of “partial mobilization” on 28 October. Later, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov and Senator Andrey Klishas said the president would not sign a separate decree to complete the mobilization because it was not needed. At the same time, the Petersburgers continue agendas come.

General picture. Earlier, a court in Sevastopol recognized 17 servicemen from the cruiser Moskva as dead. According to Fontanka, there is no conscript in question among them.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation April 14 declaredthat the cruiser Moskva sank while being towed in the Black Sea. The agency claims that the entire crew of the ship was evacuated, but already on the evening of April 16, the media wrote about the first dead sailors. Later, the Ministry of Defense reported one dead and 27 missing.

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