The level of support for the war among Russians is gradually decreasing. “Paper”

Fewer Russians support the war in Ukraine. This is indicated by research data from Chronicles, Russian Field and the Levada Center, writes project Re: Russia. Polls show that the longer a conflict goes on, the less support there is for it.

Who is opposed to the war. The popularity of hostilities is lowest among women, youth, low-income people and social media users, with the exception of the Odnoklassniki audience. Also, the war is not supported by Russians who have received higher education or are experiencing any difficulties.

The longer the conflict in Ukraine lasts, the fewer Russians support the war. About it write Analysts of the project “Chronicles” Nadya Evangelyan and Andrey Tkachenko. In their opinion, this is due to the fact that people are growing anxious about their future.

Age remains the main factor determining support or non-support for war. According to research Levada Center, among Russians aged 18-24, there are 11% more people who disagree with the war than among people over 55 years old.

How income affects the level of war support. After analyzing the responses of the respondents, the Chronicle made conclusionthat the fall in material well-being greatly reduces support for the conflict. The most important factor was the expectation of an even greater deterioration in the financial condition.

Russians, whose income has increased during the months of the war, tend to support the conflict. Material well-being affects the growth of support for the war more than good relationships with loved ones and new opportunities.

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