The legislature has revised the budget for 2022. “Paper”

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly in the final reading adopted the amendment of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov to the adjustment of the city budget for 2022. About it reported Kommersant edition.

How will the budget change? The revenues of the city treasury should amount to 1.108 trillion rubles (previously they were approved at 890 million rubles), expenses – 1.066 trillion rubles with a budget surplus of 41.8 billion rubles.

How should From the previous data on the amendment, the adopted document will reduce the cost of metro construction by 17 billion rubles. Beglov also deducted 16.5 million rubles from the budget, which were supposed to go to the New Year holidays.

The governor’s amendment also provides for subsidizing the Pobeda fund, through which the restoration of Mariupol is financed.

What you need to know. Earlier, Beglov’s proposal was criticized by members of the Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky and Mikhail Amosov due to cuts in subway construction costs. According to Mikhail Baryshnikov, Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, the savings will be used “for the purchase of equipment that is needed.”

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