The Legislative Assembly approved an amendment to the budget from the governor of St. Petersburg. “Paper”

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly approved in the second reading the amendments of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov to the adjustment of the city budget for 2022. About it reported publication “”.

What does the amendment fix? Now budget revenue will amount to 1.107 trillion rubles, and expenditure – 1.066 trillion rubles. In this case, the surplus will be equal to 41.8 billion rubles.

  • According to the Beglov amendment, 5.7 billion rubles allocate government reserve fund. According to the representative of the governor Konstantin Sukhenko, all deputies “understand why to increase the reserve fund – this is the duty of our city,” reported correspondent of “Fontanka” from the meeting room.
  • Beglov also offered to subsidize the Pobeda Foundation for the implementation of “activities to promote peace and help victims of conflicts.” Thus, the restoration of Mariupol is sponsored through the fund.
  • Another 6 billion rubles will be allocated for the purchase of buses, more than 4 billion rubles – for wage increases.
  • Up to 2 billion rubles will be given to funds for the development of industry and assistance in lending to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The governor also proposed to allocate 26 million rubles to the administration of the Moskovsky district for the creation of “smart sports grounds”.
  • Beglov deducted 16.5 million rubles, which were supposed to go to the holidays. Earlier, the governor said that in St. Petersburg will not take place some New Year’s events, and the money saved will go to help the mobilized.

What angered the deputies. Members of the Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky and Mikhail Amosov drew attention to the fact that the amendment “removed” 17 billion rubles from the construction of the metro.

According to Mikhail Baryshnikov, chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, the money was deducted due to the fact that the city does not have enough capacity and builders to build the metro. The money saved will be used “for the purchase of equipment that is needed.”

What you need to know. Former Legislative Assembly approved Beglov’s proposal to raise salaries for officials. In addition, deputies suggested allocate money for equipment for the mobilized citizens.

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