The last interview before the death of Aaron Carter: To everyone, I’m just a drug addict and no one understands me

Aaron Carter he died at just thirty years old. He was found drowned in a bathtub at his home in California. Aaron went on tour with the Backstreet Boys band, his much more famous brother Nick was with him. Sam Aaron was involved in pop music, but later went to the rap market. Last year, a baby boy was born to him, he was named Prince.

life was not the same, the day after the birth of the child he broke up with his mother Melani, who physically abused Carter and therefore died in prison.

My ex doesn’t want to leave the house, so I’m in the house he wrote on Instagram.

Still, the boy was drawn to her, perhaps also because Carter had many mental problems and a drug history. That’s also why Carter announced that he was going to join the bakery, he planned to settle his relationship with Melani. Pestoe claimed that he has been free from drugs since 2017, he wanted to enter the prison because of the years of punishment he saw, and thus because of the effort to get his son into prison.

On The Doctors, Aaron came to terms with the fact that he suffers from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression and mania. In connection with Carter, there was speculation about a bipolar personality disorder. His psyche was not helped by his addiction to drugs, among other things he had cocaine and heroin.

The Carter family seems to be cursed, ten years ago Aaron’s sister Leslie died at the age of fifty. Pr taught him to take drugs when he was dying. She self-administered prescription drugs, mixed schizophrenia drugs and xanax.

Carter was also taking Xanax, according to the prescription of antihistamines and antihistamines.

Aaron Carter died in the bathtub.

Just two days before his death, he rapped in a video that he was going to be gone.

The landlord called the police. Detectives from the homicide department also arrived on the scene, but the culprit is unlikely.

Pestoe Carter claimed that he had not taken drugs since 2017, in 2019 he failed a breathalyzer test. He put it down to tears from teeth.

The only problem he had lately was marijuana, which affected the drugs, he was taking them for psychiatry. Carter looked very confused in the interviews. He also liked to show off his collection of weapons at social gatherings, even when the court forbade him to own them due to his mental health.

The body of dead Aaron Carter

He did not have good relations with his family either. Brother Nick filed a criminal complaint against Aaron for trying to kill his pregnant wife. Aaron thus received the corruption of the piblen. The diary also included phone calls to the police about when those closest to him were afraid that Aaron would attempt suicide.

In the last interview he gave to the Daily Mail before his death, he then stated that the public will always be perceived as a drug addict, even if he is five years old. He was making a musical comeback.

When Demi Lovato shows up, she will be applauded in English fitness magazines, he stated, angry that the media tried to portray him as a fag or that he had not matured as a baby and that no one had ever appreciated his skull.

I’m living proof that it can be overcome he stated before his death that although his family often claimed that they were fighting for him, they did not believe in marriage, so he perceived their words as empty. After all, it was his brother Nick who got him into the dungeon.

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