The head of the “Petersburg Renaissance” was arrested. “Paper”

The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested the head of the construction companies Tekhnostroy and Petersburg Renaissance Ivan Orynchuk, as well as a former employee of the Renaissance, the businessman’s sister Oksana Orynchuk. They will be kept in a pre-trial detention center until December 29, 2022. About it informs “Kommersant”.

What the businessman and his sister are accused of. Ivan and Oksana Orynchuk are accused of particularly large-scale fraud in the reconstruction of the Kremlin towers, writes “Kommersant”. According to investigators, the brother and sister stole more than 70 million rubles from advance payments received under contracts with the Federal Security Service of Russia. The defendants plead not guilty.

During the arrest, one and a half million rubles in cash were seized from the businessman. Orynchuk’s lawyer, Inna Chergina, told Kommersant that the money was intended for workers from Mariupol. They were cashed out because banks and ATMs do not work in the destroyed city.

In 2019, the Petersburg Renaissance company was included in the register of unscrupulous suppliers after work on the restoration of the towers of the Moscow Kremlin and the Solovetsky Monastery, as well as due to the delay in work at the New Jerusalem Monastery in Istra near Moscow.

What Ivan Orynchuk did in Mariupol. On November 2, the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg issued a diploma to the businessman for his contribution to the restoration of Mariupol together with the Tekhnostroy company. About it reported in the press service of the Legislative Assembly.

“Dear deputies, what St. Petersburg is doing is a feat. I have been in Mariupol for 5 months now. All tasks set will be completed and are already being performed. St. Petersburg will restore Mariupol – with such a team, everything impossible becomes possible, ”Orynchuk said during the award ceremony.

According to Rotunda, Orynchuk has known Alexander Beglov for more than ten years. In 2009-2012, he led the restoration of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral. These works were under the control of Beglov, who then worked as deputy head of the presidential administration.

They have known Governor Alexander Beglov for a long time – more than ten years. It was Orynchuk who in 2009-2012 led the restoration of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, a project that Alexander Beglov, who worked in those years as deputy head of the presidential administration, took under his patronage.

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