The government wants to ban the use of foreign words. “Paper”

The Cabinet of Ministers submitted a bill to the State Duma prohibiting the use of foreign words if they have a Russian counterpart. If the initiative is adopted, the requirement will apply to officials and authorities. Bill placed in the database of the State Duma on October 26.

Essence. According to the authors of the initiative, the new law will help protect the Russian language “from the excessive use of foreign words.” It “emphasizes the unifying role of the Russian language as the state language in a single multinational state”, and also expands and clarifies the areas in which the use of the state language is mandatory, indicated in the explanatory note.

At the same time, the bill itself contains at least 120 foreign words, calculated Repost project.

Officials and authorities will check the words against the new normative dictionaries and reference books, which will be approved by the government.

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