The first stage of construction of a section of the metro line from Begovaya to Planernaya will begin in St. Petersburg

Smolny approved an agreement with JSC “Metrostroy of the Northern Capital” (“MSSS”) for the first stage of construction of a section of the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya metro line from “Begovaya” to “Planernaya”. About it reported press service “MSSS”.

What kind of work does the agreement imply?. MSSS plans to carry out preparatory work: to build a launch complex for the installation of the Nadezhda tunneling shield, to equip a temporary pit on Touristskaya Street, to build a temporary monolithic lining for equipment input.

The company must complete the work within six months. And in May 2023, MSSS is to start moving the tunneling complex towards the future Zoopark station.

Kommersant, citing the MSSS press service, writes that the cost of work under the additional agreement will be about a billion rubles. The press service also reported that, along with the approved first stage of work, the company is preparing for the second. The project documentation is under consideration by Glavgosexpertiza.

Details. Glavgosexpertiza issued a positive opinion on this stage of construction in early July. And on October 19, the government of St. Petersburg approved a draft plan for the territory of the section from Begovaya to Planernaya.

According to documents, the length of the section is 4.6 kilometers, the planned capacity is 40 pairs of trains per hour. Between “Begovaya” and “Planernaya”, according to the metro development scheme, the station “Touristskaya” will be located.

It is expected that Planernaya will become a transfer station with another promising station, Shuvalovsky Prospekt, and will connect the green and purple lines.

General picture. In September 2021, Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov declaredthat the authorities will annually allocate 50 billion rubles a year for the development of the metro thanks to proceeds from Gazprom. In September 2022, it became known that this amount would amount to 30 billion rubles.

What else is happening with the construction of the subway. On Tuesday, November 1, it became known that the government of the Leningrad Region had prepared a draft resolution on the transfer of 265.7 million rubles to the St. Petersburg budget for the purchase of land for the construction of the Kudrovo metro station. About it writes 47news.

According to the publication, the transfer of money will be carried out as part of an agreement on the development of the metro in the two regions, concluded between the governments of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

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Photo: Metrostroy of the Northern Capital

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