The first photo of the bride Nicol Lenertov (47): Bvalka Jgra married a rich hotelier (76)

Bval moderator Nicol Lenertov joined in. She surprised everyone, because only those closest to her knew what was coming. And most importantly, who does it actually want to take for me. Jaromra Jgra’s ex-partner said yes to rich businessman Viliam Sivka (76).

Bval hvzda television first on Nov Nicol Lenertov even after years I can surprise. Although she withdrew from social life and gave press talks about her health problems, she still knows how to stir up the calm waters of Czech show business.

The handsome blonde went along with it and took a ten-year-old hotel owner as her husband, who decidedly didn’t have deep pockets.

And it doesn’t look like the age difference bothers him at all. In the first photo, in which she wore a beautiful wedding dress, she smiled lovingly and looked happy next to the newlyweds.

Nicol Lenertov and his rich new husband.

What would happen if she found the right one? After a bumpy past, when she had an affair with a hockey player Jaromre Jgr or from the TV overnight to America, it would be nice for her to settle down.

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