The fight between Bejr and Grznr: It is speculated that the Psychopath will not appear. What’s the promotion?

The hopelessly sold out bang Krlovka will watch another gala full of MMA battles of influencers and celebrities on Saturday. Historically, the highlight of this tournament organized by the Clash of the Stars organization will be an understandable fight between a budding bodybuilder Filip Grzner and his longtime rival from YouTube Aleem Bejr.

Their hatred is considerable and started at the age of five. The dispute escalated after Grznr soon recorded a video under the influence of alcohol and arrogantly claimed that he wanted a wolf in his skin.

She wants a wolf, I have her he told Bejr, a silk man from Plzeň, who has a Ukrainian wife, so he took the words about the wolf personally.

It was revealed during a recent interview with the main promoter Tom Le Sy at the Duplex club in Prague that there is a lot going on between Bejr and Grzner.

From the meeting, it seemed that both of them would behave calmly. But suddenly, Bejr got angry and tried to attack Grznr. Philip is a disease that must be blamed, and I am for pouring it out here, said Bejr, who arrived at the event in a stupid doctor’s suit.

The Pardubick YouTuber then continued to be in solitary confinement and was expelled from the club. The promoter Tom Linh Le Sy then confirmed to us that he had to hire special security because of the lazy YouTuber.

Who knows Bejra, what to expect from him. Of course, they also expected something, and for that reason we hired two bouncers in addition to the usual sweat. I thought something like this would happen, but I hoped it would be later. We wanted a normal debate, we had questions prepared. Fans wanted to ask Alee that. But this didn’t work out and Ale m tm a bit pissed off, said Le Sy.

But Bejr threw the table during the conversation and wanted to attack Grznr.

Bejr took care of the jet vt bizr at the pre-match press conference, where he even attacked the changeable promoter Le Sy, who had saved him in the Octagon in the past. Bejr missed him by the neck and security had to take him out again.

Fans speculate whether Bejr will start at all

It is therefore speculated on social media that the Bejr member played the show and fully avoided a fight with the favored Grzner. Of course, many have noticed that Bejr hasn’t been posting photos and videos from thorn lately, instead he’s been focusing on his homeless people, whom he calls actors.

We asked Clash of the Stars co-promoter Jaku Jra about the eventual collapse of the mega-pass between Bejr and Grznr.

It’s totally out of the question. The rescue will be and we expect it to become one of the most watched fights on the internet, Jra shared with him.

But like Filip, they have a signed contract with them. If any of them did not enter the rescue, they would be threatened with a fine, added Jra, who is known as a manager influencer.

Jra refused to comment on the fine. According to Expres information, it would be several times higher, but not directly for saving. According to our estimates, Bejr should receive between 100 – 200 thousand for the fight with Grznr.

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