The father of the singer Nyusha complained about the long stagnation in his daughter’s career

The ex-soloist of the group “Tender May” Vladimir Shurochkin became a producer for his daughter when she was only 14 years old. The artist’s career was at its peak until Nyusha became a mother for the second time.

The singer gave birth to her first child, daughter Seraphim-Simba, in 2018. Then the young mother still went on stage and for some time recorded new tracks. But after the appearance of her son Saffron in 2021, the singer actually stopped performing with concerts. Shurochkin admitted that he did not know what to do in this situation.

“It’s embarrassing and pitiful. So much effort and time spent on this, – complained father-producer.

By the way, Vladimir Shurochkin does not exclude that Nyusha could simply be tired of her career as a singer, because she began performing as a teenager. And for this partly Shurochkin feels guilty, thinking that maybe it was not worth letting his daughter into the world of show business at such a young age.

“I, like a father, tried to protect Anya from dirt and stress. We always want to lay straws for our children. In this case, of course, they have a completely different sense of value. Maybe my mistake is that I didn’t try to convey everything to her, ”StarHit quotes Shurochkin.

Now the young mother plunged headlong into family affairs, and suspended her work in show business.

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