The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin paid his mother a large amount by court order

40-year-old Alisa Arshavina lost a property court after a divorce from a football player.

As you know, after breaking up with Andrei Arshavin, the journalist began to receive alimony in the amount of 300 thousand rubles a month for their common daughter Yesenia. Also, large sums for the maintenance of 17-year-old son Alexei and 9-year-old daughter Alice are transferred to her by the former first husband-businessman.

After a high-profile divorce, Arshavin’s mother admitted that her daughter-in-law always deceived her son. Allegedly, she said that she worked in law enforcement agencies and asked Andrei for large sums of money to recover from the operations of the special services in which she participated. However, according to the former mother-in-law, it was all a performance, since she only needed money from Arshavin.

After the divorce, Alisa Arshavina remained to live in a cottage in the elite district of St. Petersburg, where she had previously lived with Andrei. However, the property was registered to the footballer’s mother, who asked her son’s ex-wife to leave the house. After the refusal, Tatyana Arshavina went to court and won it.

As it turned out, Alisa Arshavina owed Tatyana almost 2 million rubles: in the case of unjust enrichment due to illegal residence in her house, plus utility bills. At the moment, media reports, Alice has paid the entire amount due by court order to the mother of the football player.

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