The “Event of the Year” award will bring together the entire color of the film industry in “Illusion”

On December 1, the tenth anniversary award “Event of the Year” will be held on the stage of the legendary “Illusion”. Awards will be given for achievements in film and television.

The award is one of the most anticipated industrial events, where results are summed up, trends are determined, and new names are discovered. The solemn ceremony of presenting the “Event of the Year” award gathers the entire color of the professional community and determines the direction in which Russian cinema is developing, evaluates the most daring and striking projects.

“Event of the Year”

“Already in 2011, when creating the editorial office, we set ourselves the ambitious task become the most influential and authoritative industrial magazine in the country,says founder, editor-in-chief and editorial director of KinoReporter Maria Lemesheva. — That is why we
were not limited to the production of the magazine and the website, but from the first days they were engaged in external activities – they held festivals, organized exhibitions
and established awards. That is why this year is the anniversary of both the magazine and our Event of the Year award.

The “Event of the Year” award is given to the best actor and actress, discovery of the year, television personality, master of the profession and the most high-profile film or television project. The expert council of the award evaluates not only the artistic level of films, the honorary award also does not bypass the attention of representatives of the film industry and television, who have found themselves in the spotlight due to their work and audience recognition.

Among the owners of the statuette are Yulia Peresild, Konstantin Ernst, Andrey Konchalovsky, Maxim Matveev, Dmitry Nagiyev, Maria Mironova, Anton Zlatopolsky, Ekaterina Andreeva, Pavel Derevyanko, Fedor Bondarchuk, Eduard Artemiev, Katerina Spitz, Philip Yankovsky, Renata Litvinova, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Ivan Yankovsky and many other film and television stars.

Maria Lemesheva

For the tenth anniversary, the “Event of the Year” award was already presented to
65 laureates, and the KinoReporter magazine is justly proud of being the first to recognize many of those who are now universally recognized stars. So, in 2015, for the then just starting his acting path Alexandra Petrova the Event of the Year award was the first award in his career, and in 2019 he received our crystal star for the film Text as Actor of the Year, being one of the most popular artists in the country. The award of the magazine has also become a valuable award for the legendary artists – Galina Polskikh, Mikhail Boyarsky, Irina Kupchenko, Ekaterina Vasilyeva: at the time of their creative peak, alas, there was no institution of awards, and to pay tribute to their merits and talent is a great honor for KinoReporter , according to the event organizers.

The hostess of the anniversary ceremony and traditional leader will be the founder
and editor-in-chief of KinoReporter Maria Lemesheva.

The Event of the Year award can be viewed live.

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