The ECHR awarded compensation to St. Petersburg activists. “Paper”

The European Court of Human Rights has awarded compensation to Yekaterina Bakanova and Anastasia Chernik, who were detained for demonstrations against pension reform in September 2018 and found guilty of organizing an unsanctioned rally. About it on facebook informs their lawyer Alexander Peredruk. Solution also published on the website of the court.

Ekaterina Bakanova. A photo: Facebook

What the court decided. The ECHR ruled that two articles of the European Convention on Human Rights were violated with regard to girls – “The right to liberty and security of person”, as well as the “Right to freedom of peaceful assembly”. Bakanova and Chernik were awarded compensation in the amount of 3.9 thousand euros each.

What you need to know. Since September 16, the ECHR has not accepted new complaints from Russians about human rights violations, since in March Russia was expelled from the Council of Europe. The report of the Institute of Rights and Public Policy, dedicated to the results of Russia’s membership in the Council of Europe, states that over 26 years the ECtHR has recognized the country as a violator of the Convention on Human Rights more than three thousand times. Every eighth decision during the entire existence of the Strasbourg Court was made against Russia.

What else to read:

  • Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe from 16 March expelled Russia from the organization. This happened for the first time – no one was previously expelled from the Council of Europe.
  • HRC stopped accept new complaints about human rights violations in Russia.

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