The deputy head of the “administration” of the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, died. “Paper”

Deputy head of the annexed Kherson region Kirill Stremusov died in an accident. About it wrote telegram channel Readovka and pro-war bloggers WarGonzo and blogger Anatoly Shariy.

More on this later wrote TV channel RT, citing a source in law enforcement agencies, information about the death of Stremousov confirmed press secretary of the “administration” of the region. Representatives of the occupying authorities did not say how the accident happened.

At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Kherson region not confirmed Stremousov’s death to RIA Novosti news agency: “Information about his death is not official. As soon as the doctors assess his condition, we will provide information.”

What is known about Stremousov. The deputy head of the “administration” of the Kherson region regularly communicated with state media as a representative of the annexed territories. Yes, RIA Novosti published comment by Stremousov in the morning of 9 November. Stremousov’s last post on his telegram channel was also published in the morning of the same day.

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