The daughter of Prachar and Rybová celebrated her eighteenth birthday! Josefína seems to have fallen out of the actress’s eye

The daughter of Linda Rybová (46) and David Prachara (63), Josefína, celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Photos from the parade, which she organized with her own sister Rozárka and stepmother Mariana, were shared by the presenter on the networks. Once again, fans couldn’t help but roll their eyes. While Mariana Prachařová (28) is a faithful copy of her mother, Dana Batulková (64), Josefína and Rozárek seem to have fallen out of Linda Rybová’s sight.

That looks chilling. Josefína and Rozárka Prachař are uncannily similar to Linda Rybová’s mother. At the same time, they did not inherit much from David Prachař’s father, at least in terms of appearance. Josefína just celebrated her 18th birthday and her half-sister also showed off pictures from the celebration on social networks Mariana Pracharová.

“My sister Josefína is celebrating her 18th birthday, so today we went to a wonderful cafe to celebrate. And I still don’t understand where those eighteen years have gone,” wrote the presenter and influencer under the photos.

The girls had tea and coffee together with Rozárka. The ladies did not document whether there was also a presentation of gifts. Mariana then went to The Chainsmokers concert. So far, fans haven’t had enough in the comments to marvel at how similar the daughters are to their famous moms.

They immediately told Mariana that she looked exactly like Dana Batulková. Although Mariana has a different mother, the girls do not differentiate between themselves. The influencer calls sisters the “best sisters”.

Josefína Prachařová celebrated her eighteenth birthday.

Josefína is also involved in acting, she plays in the production Vina vína, which she wrote herself together with Rozárka. It is a generational game for which the girls themselves organized the casting.

The acting couple Prachař and Rybová have a son František together. In addition to Mariana, Prachař has an older son, Jakub, from his first marriage with Dana Batulková.

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