The Cultural Committee responded to the appeal of the musicians. “Paper”

The department believes that the musicians’ statements do not take into account “already established practice and are out of touch with reality.” Street musicians have been required to notify their performance in the city for years, officials said. About it report in the press service of the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg.

What law are you talking about. In early October, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly in the first reading adopted a bill that regulates the performance of musicians, actors, dancers and poets on the street.

If the law is adopted in full, then the artists will have to coordinate their performances with authorized representatives of the authorities. At the same time, the authorities will be allowed to perform only in certain parts of the city, and during the performances it will be forbidden to use obscenities, call for extremism, promote violence and carry out “other illegal activities.”

The position of the authorities. The Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg said that “the need to pass the law is dictated by numerous complaints from residents and organizations of the city”, which are disturbed by loud music.

The department believes that the bill will make the performances of artists more convenient for both Petersburgers and the performers themselves.

“Information about performance venues, both free and employed, will be available to musicians in real time on a special information resource, the procedure for performing on the streets of the city will become clear and transparent for artists, and will also simplify the exercise of their right to creativity and self-expression”, – they write in the telegram channel of the Committee for Culture.

What you need to know. Earlier on Friday, November 11, Auktyon frontman Oleg Garkusha, singer Maxim Leonidov, bard Mikhail Novitsky and director of the Garkundel art center Dmitry Podosenov opposed the law on street performers. Their video messages to the governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov were published by the Yabloko party.

The musicians believe that the innovation will become a loophole for corruption schemes and turn the artists’ performances into a bureaucratic procedure.

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