The court dismissed the case of the mobilized one about failure to appear in the military registration and enlistment office. “Paper”

The Petrograd court in St. Petersburg dismissed the case of Anton Logvinov. Previously, he was fined for failing to appear at the military registration and enlistment office. About it reported United press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

The Military Commissariat of the Petrogradsky District fined Logvinov 1,500 rubles on 7 October. According to the decision, the Petersburger did not come to the draft board at the appointed time.

Logvinov filed a complaint and wrote that he was in the military registration and enlistment office. Later, the court dismissed the case due to the lack of corpus delicti.

What you need to know. In early November, the Petersburg courts registered 80 lawsuits challenging decisions on mobilization.

At the same time, on October 20, in St. Petersburg, for the first time, such a decision was recognized as illegal – a bank employee proved that he cannot be mobilized, since he “ensures the stability of the national payment system, financial market infrastructure and cash circulation.”

Earlier court refused to consider the claims of two mobilized, who were handed summons with violations. Another court refused mobilized Petersburger in providing an alternative civilian service.

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