The court dismissed the case against Alexander Pravdin. “Paper”

The Gatchina District Court of the Leningrad Region terminated the administrative case on inciting hatred against businessman Alexander Pravdin. He himself said this “Paper”.

The court ruled to terminate the administrative proceedings due to the lack of corpus delicti, Judge Grigoryeva said, reading out the decision. The record is available “Paper”.

Details. Activist Alexander Pravdin, who releases in the village of Siversky in the Leningrad region, an anti-war wall newspaper was detained on the morning of July 27 by two police officers.

According to the protocol, for a man started administrative case on inciting hatred on ethnic grounds (Article 20.3.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). As told “Paper” daughter of Alexander, the reason is that in June he hung out a poster in the central square of the village with the inscription “Russians, you are non-humans.”

What is Pravdin known for?. 73-year-old Alexander Pravdin lives in the village of Siversky in the Leningrad region. He built four-story house in the Dutch style and laid out a public garden in front of it. On this territory, the activist posted a protest wall newspaper, in which he spoke about turning off the water, the speech of Vladimir Putin and United Russia.

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