“The cold snap will be very short.” “Paper”

From October 31 to November 6, a warm atmospheric front will replace the North Atlantic cyclone in St. Petersburg. About it “Paper” said the leading specialist of the Phobos Center Mikhail Leus.

According to the forecaster, Monday, October 31, will be the coldest day of the month. At the same time, the temperature will not differ much from long-term indicators – it will rise to +5 degrees.

However, the cold snap that came last night will be very short. Already tonight, a warm atmospheric front will approach the region – there will be more clouds, and light rains will pass by morning. Wet snow will also fall in the east of the Leningrad region.

Tuesday will be cloudy with showers. The air temperature will rise to +8 degrees. Already on Wednesday the weather will improve – there will be clearings. The temperature will remain the same.

From Thursday until the end of the week, St. Petersburg will be on the southern periphery of the North Atlantic cyclone. The weather will be cloudy and rainy. The temperature will drop to +4 degrees – the average multi-year values.

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