The city court dismissed the lawsuit demanding that the law on renovation be repealed. “Paper”

The St. Petersburg City Court terminated the proceedings on a lawsuit filed by an initiative group of residents against the authorities demanding the repeal of the law on the integrated development of territories (the law on renovation). About it informs press service of the courts of the city.

Details. The City Court held that the contested norms had been suspended, which means that the plaintiffs’ rights had not been violated. As writes, the representative of the governor Alexander Beglov, who petitioned for the termination of the proceedings, stated that “it seems unacceptable to say that the rights of the plaintiffs have been violated by a normative legal act that is not currently in force.”

Big Picture. October 18 Governor Alexander Beglov signed a document suspending the provisions of the law “On urban planning activities” relating to the integrated development of the city’s territories.

Certain provisions of the law are suspended until January 1, 2024. We are talking about the provisions governing renovation: the criteria for adding apartment buildings to the list of buildings subject to renovation, the procedure for determining the boundaries of the territory of residential development subject to integrated development, the procedure for implementing decisions on the KRT.

In mid-September, Beglov proposed to suspend the renovation of Khrushchev until 2024, although back in June he himself submitted a corresponding bill to parliament. Petersburgers, who opposed the renovation of the Khrushchevs, are happy with the proposal, but also write that the city authorities should not be trusted right away.

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