The Central Bank allowed criminal risks for those investing in Meta shares. “Paper”

The Bank of Russia said that shareholders of Meta Platforms may face criminal risks after trading in these securities is completed on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange. About this with reference to the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir Chistyukhin informs RBC.

What was said in the department. According to Chistyukhin, the authorities have not yet decided whether they will consider investments in Meta as extremist.

“It seems to me that criminal risks may threaten after the legal status of securities holders is clarified. We first need to decide step number one – whether we will consider Meta shares as extremist investments. If this is recognized as such, then yes, there will probably be some restrictions, ”the RBC official quotes.

What should shareholders do? Brokers advise shareholders to get rid of them before November 11, as then they can be frozen. About it writes Forbes. Tinkoff Investments reportedthat Meta Platforms papers will be removed from the list of liquid assets.

At the same time, as writes Forbes, Meta shares cannot be sold on the exchange, because before that they were blocked due to sanctions against the National Settlement Depository. Papers can be sold on the over-the-counter market. However, according to investors with whom Forbes spoke, such transactions are unprofitable for the shareholder.

What you need to know. On the St. Petersburg Exchange since November 14 stop Meta stock trading. Prior to this, these shares from the list of securities admitted to trading, ruled out Moscow exchange. This is due to the fact that on October 11 Rosfinmonitoring introduced company to the list of organizations involved in terrorism and extremism.

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