The boy with the stone wants to get back with Fregamer, Tary would hate to fight. Clash of the Stars with influencers

On Saturday, the Clash of the Stars gala was held in the Krak Hall of Krlovka. The entire capacity was filled and the fans could meet not only their favorite women but also many influencers who enjoyed the event as much as they did. The editors of interviewed some of them. Simona Tvardek, Tary and Kluk with a stone revealed whether their tips for the river were fulfilled and whether in the future it is possible to ask for their rescues as well.

Simona Tvardek: Pretty girls don’t wring your hands

Hi Simon, did you have any predictions for the game today?
My predictions for the game came true and it was Luktuma. I even drank because of her. I also wanted to make a video on YouTube, but mainly to support Luke. I’m really happy for him, he didn’t give up and I’m really happy for him.

A lot of people bet on the day, how are you doing?
I fulfilled that I bet, but then I didn’t put it down. I’m pissed, I should have bet on Luke.

What about you and you’re in a cage? Does it fulfill?
I received several offers and I can’t eat. Pretty girls don’t shake hands, according to me. I probably wouldn’t really go into it. (smile)

Tary: I wouldn’t go into a fight too soon

Hi Tara, did you have any favorites for the day? Did your tips come true?
My tips were not fulfilled. I just failed, well.

Did you even bet?
No, I can’t. I never bet on anything. It just doesn’t work. Not a single tip got me out, I’m a stupid girl. That’s why I don’t

Have you ever had a crush on a caged animal? Is there anything in een?
Nen nothing in een. They try it on me of course, but I don’t want to force it. But Rd is subject to it. Really, when I look at those saves, the adrenaline is gone at that moment and I’m knocking for those fighters, who just have to deal with nerves.

Sure, take it like a wild one.
Urit like a wild. But I have to say that for poulinch battles in a row mm. There was always alcohol involved, otherwise I would not have gone into a fight.

Boy with a rock: I’d like a match with Fregamer

Hi Ondra, how was your day yesterday? Are your tips for vtze?
I didn’t really go for anyone, but as I guessed, it turned out somehow. Bejr just lost, I knew that. I’m really glad that Hanka Gellnrov won. She had a really quick recovery.

That was almost a coda, don’t you think?
No, I had it faster too. But then it was with a loss. (smile)

How did you get rid of this meme?
Well, I’d like to go back with Fregamer. (fiance Shopaholic Adel, real name David Prak, editor’s note) But let’s see how it turns out.

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