The boss from the clip Lucky Vondrkov parks where he wants. He figured in the attack on Martin Max

The photograph of the completely carefree parked Rolls was published on the newspaper’s Twitter by Josef Lerka. In recent years, the car has appeared twice in various groups.

Shouldn’t they drive slowly in a car while paying attention to the basic theory? In fact, it is more of a demonstration of speech. As it turned out, the still-unknown sidewalk cleaner is actually a well-known company at the time.

For example, businessman Martin Machek starred in Lucie Vondrkov’s music video last year. With this car, I will soon drive to the crack of the float and drink the dream in the wine bar. He is also featured on the Vondrkov channel as one of the actors.

But that is not his most famous point. A lot was written about Machek twenty years ago, when the police began to unravel the murder of Martin Maxu.

Martin Machek played Lucky Vondrkov in the clip.

Martin Machek (left) played Lucky Vondrkov in the clip.

He joined the Lithuanian mafia in 2002, they wanted him on fire for protecting the club Pionr, which he was running at the time. During the fight, Maxa was bedridden and narrowly escaped death, dying with only seven stitches on his head.

At the time, the criminologist believed that Litvnov was operated by a mafia that caused conflicts in bars and then forced the owner to pay. The traces first led to Martin Machko, who ran a Vimaha company with the park Kamil Havelka.

Martin Machek greeted the group that wanted to burn Martin Max. But Zpvk refused, and so a fight ensued, during which he was put to bed.

Around the group at that time there were the most obvious incidents of violence, even the witness who wanted to testify against them in the case of Max was beaten with a stick and knocked unconscious. Sm Machek was given probation for beating a plainclothes policeman.

How important his role in the Lithuanian underworld was is a question. According to some, he was a boss who had the city under his thumb.

The criminal report always fell on Machek, but Havelka was the head of the group. If Machek was black, In 2009, he told the server that he was supposed to work for him.

but most likely both of them put the dirty work behind their heads. Kamil Havelka later became the chairman of the Lithuanian beech SSD, today he is the chairman of the hockey club there.

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