The Beglov family owns 46 properties, Chronicles learned. “Paper”

Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov and his relatives own at least 46 properties, should from the investigation of the publication “Chronicles” about the governor of St. Petersburg.

What property owns Beglov and his relatives. As the “Chronicles” found out, more often Beglov’s closest relatives received real estate from the governor of St. Petersburg himself. However, Beglov’s second daughter Olga Kudryashova received part of the property from the co-owner of Rossiya Bank Yuri Kovalchuk or former members of the Ozero cooperative.

  • The governor of St. Petersburg himself owns a 150-meter apartment in the LCD “House on Pokrovsky Boulevard” in Moscow. Its cost is 150 million rubles. According to the property declaration, Beglov also owns two plots in the Pskov region.
  • Beglov’s wife owns four apartments. For example, she owns a 158.8-meter apartment on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow (its governor received it from the presidential administration, where he worked in the 2000s). She also has property in the Krasnogvardeisky and Vasileostrovsky districts of St. Petersburg. Beglova’s largest apartment is located in the elite residential complex of the St. Petersburg Mining University on Nalichnaya, the cost of which is 30 million rubles.
  • Beglov’s eldest daughter Yulia owns six apartments in different districts of St. Petersburg. The most expensive of them is a 156.4-meter apartment in the Paradny Kvartal residential complex (estimated at 100 million rubles). Yulia also owns apartments in the residential complex “Europe City”, “Orlovsky Park” and “Novaya Okhta”, as well as on Bering Street in the Vasileostrovsky District and on Daniil Kharms Street in the Krasnogvardeisky District. Each of them costs up to 15 million rubles.
  • Yulia Beglova also owns a house in Sestroretsk on Tarkhovsky Prospekt. It is estimated at 55 million rubles.
  • Another daughter of Beglov, Olga Kudryashova, owns 14 apartments in St. Petersburg, two houses and two non-residential premises. Her husband also owns one apartment and ten cars.

What is known about the second family of Beglov. According to Chronicles, in 1999 Ksenia Malinina gave birth to Alexandra Beglova, the youngest daughter of the governor of St. Petersburg. Malinina works as a professor at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, where Beglov also studied and taught.

What belongs to the second Beglov family.

  • In 2017, when Alexandra Beglova turned 18, the illegitimate daughter of the Governor of St. Petersburg became the owner of an apartment on Gavanskaya Street. Previously, it belonged to Yulia, Beglov’s eldest daughter. She later moved to Moscow, where she lived in her father’s apartment for 150 million rubles.
  • Malinina also owns apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The most expensive of them is located in the LCD “Novy Arbat, 27”, it costs more than 200 million rubles. In addition, the property of Ksenia Malinina includes three apartments in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and a country house in the village of Repino, 100 meters from the coast of the Gulf of Finland.
  • Malinina’s parents own apartments in the Russian House premium-class residential complex in Baskov Lane in St. Petersburg (its cost is estimated at 90 million rubles), as well as two apartments on Petrovsky Prospekt. The mother of a professor at the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering also took over an apartment on Sredny Prospekt of Vasilyevsky Island.
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