The bag with government specials was torn open: Pekarov and Okamura flew to Poland, it’s just a joke

A government flight here, a government flight there… Who can tell Prime Minister Petar Fial a trip to Egypt, where trains really don’t go, even the COP27 climate summit, people from all over the world flock to it with their government special or private jets, a bit satirical. On the other hand, the path of the House of Representatives member Markta Pekarov Adamov and colleague Hayat Okamura is a short way across the Polish border.

The pair set off on a week-long trip to Poland on Monday, their first destination being the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Today I went on a one-week trip with the parliamentary delegation led by Markta Pekarová to Poland, reported Hayato Okamura on Twitter.

But the seemingly innocent puppy started a firestorm. Those who are proficient in geography or those who have visited Auschwitz at some point know that the concentration camp and the nearby cities of Kraków and Katowice are just a short distance across the border.

For example, Katowice, where the country’s government delegation could meet, is less than a five-hour drive from Prague. In the same way, you can travel comfortably by train.

So they make their way. I was already in Poland by car and it wasn’t a problem, it’s the Etiv Markt, said one of the discussants biting Okamura under his breath.

Are you really kidding us? Don’t we eat vt R like that over pomry? Do you want to be humbled? On the one hand, your journey will be expensive, on the other hand, it will be unecological. Ah, the lessons of the plebs, pidv was given.

Hayato Okamura’s comment was followed by two hundred dogs, and the people turned on Pekarová herself. Among other things, the couple advises that, with current internet coverage, they could easily choose an ecological and safe means of transport and work along the way.

The two then decided to go to Varava, which was two and a half hours away by train from Katowice.

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