The authorities will raise contributions for the overhaul of buildings. “Paper”

The Housing Committee of St. Petersburg has prepared a draft government decree that will increase the contribution rate for capital repairs by one ruble per square meter in 2023. Draft resolution published in the anti-corruption expertise section.

How will the contribution change?. Now property owners in St. Petersburg pay 11-12 rubles per square meter, depending on the type of house. From 2023, the contribution will increase to 11.90-12.99 rubles.

The owners of real estate in wooden houses, as well as in brick buildings of the 1970-1980s, will pay the least.

The highest contributions are expected by property owners in pre-revolutionary buildings, as well as in brick buildings built after 1980.

Big Picture. The authorities have doubled the capital repair rate in 2020, from 4–5 rubles to 8–9 rubles. In the same year, the budget of St. Petersburg stopped allocating funding for the overhaul program, writes “Fontanka”. In 2022, the authorities raised the cost of capital repairs again, and the budget did not allocate any subsidies for the program, also notes edition.

According to Fontanka, in St. Petersburg there are problems with the collection of contributions for major repairs – today, the accumulated debt of St. Petersburg residents is 5.8 billion rubles.

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