The “anti-Prigozhin headquarters” does not work in Smolny. “Paper”

Edition “Rotonda” refuted information that the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, organized a “headquarters to counter Prigogine.” Previously about this informed “Jellyfish”

What “headquarters” are you talking about? According to Meduza, the team of St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov has become more serious about the media attacks by the head of Wagner PMC and businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, in particular due to the strengthening of his position in the eyes of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The day before, Prigozhin wrote a complaint against the governor to the prosecutor’s office.

One of the interlocutors of the publication said that Prigozhin plans to bring Beglov to resignation and “take revenge on him.” The exact motives of the head of the Wagner PMC are unknown. There is a version in the media according to which Beglov did not help Prigozhin’s business structures after he helped Beglov to be elected governor.

According to Meduza’s source, the St. Petersburg authorities have set up a special headquarters to counteract media attacks. It allegedly included officials from Beglov’s inner circle, including the speaker of the Legislative Assembly Alexander Belsky and vice-governor Boris Piotrovsky. The source says the opposition will be “primarily media.”

How “Rotonda” explained the absence of “headquarters”. Five Rotunda interlocutors close to Smolny denied Meduza’s information. One of them stressed that Belsky had spent his last days in Baku. In this case, he could not participate in the meeting of the “headquarters” if he was created after Prigozhin’s complaint. A person close to Piotrovsky also called the report about the “headquarters” “nonsense.”

In addition, the governor’s adviser Elena Nikitina was reprimanded for taking the initiative and trying to organize a campaign to protect Beglov in social networks, Rotunda reported. According to the publication, Beglov does not want to respond

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